who am I

* I finished social works studies in the Netherlands and went to live in Israel

* My MA and PhD studies I did at the University of Haifa, and since then, in 2008 

lecture at the Department of Gerontology at the University of Haifa

* Today I give lectures, am researcher, write, do social work, facilitate groups, 

supervise professionals

* I speak, write, read and understand well: Hebrew, Dutch, English, French, 

German. I learn intensively Arabic

* For many years I worked as social worker with a diversity of people, like 

Holocaust survivors, their second generation, elderly people, youngsters, women, 

mentally retarded people and just adults

* I learned a lot from the people I work with, and the most important message I 

received, is to take from life whatever life has to give, the power to change, the 

power to dare, the knowledge not to be sorry about things I did not fulfill, is 

within ourselves. 

No single person can design one other's life.

So often, we feel dependent on what was in our past, on our parents or on our 


It is so important to change this point of view, to deeply understand that we are 

only dependent on ourselves, and that we start to be aware of what our purposes 

are, what we want to achieve in our lives

The strongest message I learned from people after they lost a loved one, say: I 

was so involved in nonsense, and I missed the main thing - now it is too late, I 

wish I could do it over again, as I understand it now.

Thanks to these lessons, I hope that I am able to get everything 

out of every give moment in my life