stubborn legs

His stubborn legs do not move like those of other nine year old little boys. His are crooked en not always is he able to tell them where to go and how they should move. Sometimes they decide themselves and then he falls down. He does not let himself control though and he does whatever comes into his head: playing with his friends or his sister, going to school and clubs. It is not easy. When he was in the first grade, his father bore him into school. Father, a big strong man who took him on his arms as if he was feather. He did not agree, he wanted to be like all the others. A six year old child is not borne anymore. His father is afraid The children at school were wild and unpredictable. Children ran, pushed, were overrun. He does not want this to happen to his little son. He knew already enough suffering, endured already many operations in which they tried to correct something that went wrong before he was born. Nobody is guilty, although it would have been nice to curse someone. And still, what would that help? The harm is done. With what reason, what did the child do wrong, for what did he receive this. What is he guilty of that he was born like this. Born with a handicap which will annoy him his whole life. Shouldn't a child play, being surrounded with warmth and attention, receive every opportunity of which one can think. A child should be able to play, to walk, to run, to bicycle, to play soccer, to hike and to do many many more exciting and challenging activities. Together with his brothers, sisters, friends. Show life a big fist. And which acceptable reason can one supply that this child will not get all this. That he has to deal with all these limitations, that he should hear, 'no, that is not for you'. To fall on the floor, time and again, while no other child falls anymore. That he is laughed at by other children, asked why he walks so funny. That he disappears suddenly from class for another operation. What did this child do wrong that he has to suffer, when other children enjoy themselves. That he is in pain, when he should not be aware at all that he has legs, while playing tag. Always being different, always taking his handicap into account, never to be the same as the others. It is difficult for his mother. She feels an unreasonable anger towards him. Fool, be careful, she shouts when he falls or bumps into the table and a cup fells. His sister is much faster and does everything in a much easier way. She does not make mistakes. She looks cute, people are mollified to her. And mother feels better towards her. She has more in common with her daughter. She is easier for her to cope with. She can not deal with the fact that he stays so dependent on her, that he needs more attention, needs more care. That he takes her from her routine again for weeks, when she has to be in hospital with him. Mother is angry on fate which stroked her. She is angry at him. Two weeks after school started the new year, he hobbles into the classroom with a walker and two legs in plaster.

His chair is decorated and the boys of his class welcome him with a song they wrote him.