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    Being silent


kept silent




large spacious silence



       empty white large


  silent because kept silent


          in silence                        a meeting


an encounter with the other


that you are yourself,     your true self,      the real self


in the silence I gave him

could he see himself

could he be himself

did he have not to pose

did he not have to listen to what anyhow does not say him anything

did he not have to do what he anyhow does not want to do

could he listen

to what he said himself

could he discover himself

could he be himself

did he break down

did he cry

was he a heap of misery

was he lamentable

was he a very little man

but did he want

did he want

wanted he

to progress

to correct himself

did he show strength






give him power

give him that he holds on

give him to succeed


with my help

my support

and my love