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They went for their usual evening walk, she and that black one of her on four legs. It was towards the end of the day and in fact she felt for a good walk in the woods or on the beach, but she did not feel like entering the car and drive for 8 minutes to the forest or the beach.

She was walking, in her simple dress and her usual walking shoes. That one on four was walking on the leash. On their walk she picked a passion fruit from the floor, for those at home who like passion fruit – not she. And she enjoyed the quiet evening, she was relaxed, the sky was blue, the sun already setting. She would have been able to walk like this for a long time and she felt sorry that it would be only a short walk, until all of a sudden she remembered that a few days ago she was told that a new signed trail from the Society for the Protection of Nature was made, at the end of the road, into the wadi, downwards. Why not, she thought, changed direction and walked towards the trail.

When they reached the end of the road, she indeed saw a new signed route, great, she thought and they started the walk. She was really happy and thought that this city provides a lot for her inhabitants. The third big city in the country and so many and various kinds of activities, including everything one could want from a city and from nature. Who has such a trail, a real one, adventurous, one, two hundred meters from his home and it is even an exciting one with curves, descents, rocks, just a pleasure, like she loves al those exciting, and surprising walks from the Nature Protection Society. Slowly darkness started to set in and that only increased her feelings of joy and adventure on just a usual weekly evening, without planning, without water, without mobile phone, only with the leash and the passion fruit in the plastic sac in her hand.

What would be the length of the trail, it can not be more than an hour. They walked down into the wadi, near her house and already they were down at the bottom, they continued walking there for a while and slowly they started the climb. It was already totally dark, but the signs were clear, they passed two places with water, probably from the water company, she remembered the places from the few times she went down into the wadi from here, the part that existed as long as she remembered it. The bushes were dense and it was not really easy to find your way, but it was great, you even could not hear the cars from the main street only a few meters above. Suddenly she did not see any signs anymore, she went, looked for them, but dark was dark, she looked in one direction, searched the other and did not notice signs and she thought she would manage without signs, because the walk could not be too difficult anymore towards the end of the trail. True, the bushes were really dense, almost impenetrable and that one on four stood all of a sudden stock-still with her four legs wide one from the other, frozen, a position she used to take when seeing a wild animal, a swine, a jackal or a crested porcupine and she thought that she did not felt like being attacked by some wild animal and she thought to walk back and who knows they may meet the signs again and if not she would walk till the main road and from there back uphill.

The hike wasn't easy, the bushes had many thorns, they scratched, were entirely dusted and almost impenetrable. But she has a lot of experience with hikes and more than once they were hiking in the dark and in those thorny summer bushes and more than once she returned home from a hike fully scratched. From time to time the other one was in front and showed the route and other times she was in front and found how to progress.

And yes, already they reached the main road, the railing was there and she would already leash the other one who was walking at her side. Where is she, what, she run away from the noise of this big main road with all those car, moving endlessly, how is that possible, where is she and she started to look with her eyes, walked northwardly, a bit to the south, a bit back and called her by all her names and clapped in her hands on which the one on four always was happy to react and to which she always took a sprint with a big smile on her lips, she called, shouted, walked, searched again and again and again endless minutes. It is not possible that she disappeared, that she ran away, indeed she detested noise, is even afraid a bit, but it did not happen before that she flees from it and does not leave a single sign or she waits anxiously from a distance of some tens of meters and she called her again by her name and all her nicknames another few loud yells and she shouted again and she did not see anything move. And if she would have been attacked by a swine would she have been death without any noise and without any sign of life, she did not understand anything of it and she thought that she might have run home extremely fast from fear and she might have been at home before her, because in the end home was maybe two hundred meters away from her up on the hill but she would have seen anything move, because finally on this open space there were lamps. And she could not bear the thought that the other one would be dead and not be there anymore, she would never accept that and where is she and how could it happen and maybe she was wounded, but she would not be able to hear it because of the endless and annoying noise of those cars and could it be possible that she jumped over the railing and walked on the street in between the cars or, not to think about her being wounded and with her eyes she searched the road and after a few minutes again and again and she walked forwards, and backwards again and the other way again and maybe she should go home and return the following morning with the sunrise and look for her and at least being able to see in the bushes, but than she would be here alone and where is she and you can not hear anything and then she thought that she could not be that far and then when the traffic was a bit more quiet she started to call her name in a lower voice and all her nicknames and where are you, come and all of a sudden she heard a very soft voice, her howling 'piii', that's how it sounded but she did not see where it came from and again it became noisy from the road and she listened and called her again and when it became more quiet she thought to hear again some soft sound and she did not understand it, maybe it was underneath the bushes, was she wounded and something happened to her and she continued shouting, soft, begging, loving, hoping, the sound was soft something very bad happened to her and she lost consciousness and received her consciousness again and for a moment see the boss and hear her, feel the closeness, the togetherness and then go to the other world but she did not find her and continued calling her and walked very carefully in order not to walk on her and she listened and started hearing her more clearly and she approached another step and another very careful step and another one and then she saw the opening of a well of a drain and she looked inside and heard the dog, but there was no possibility to see her and she said a few words and she knew that she had to run home to call the fire department and they would rescue her and she stepped over the railing of the road and crossed the street and started to run uphill, entirely scratched and suddenly she saw that she was completely black from the sticky dust from the bushes and she walked and wondered how she would be home as fast as possible and she saw that it was still quiet a distance and she did not want to take a tramp and she did not have money for the autobus and then she stopped a taxi and called her man that he should wait outside for her with money and she told him what happened with their all loved one and that I am worried and will call the fire department immediately upon coming home and then she came home and called the firemen and the one on the phone was nice but after inquiring it appeared that they do not occupy themselves with rescuing dogs and in the mean time she thought about her being there all alone in some well and only that she would not be dragged to the see and is there water in the well and how deep is it and they took a lantern, a ladder, some cables, water and a bowl for the moment that they would save her and they entered the car and try to find some phone number of somebody who saves dogs and when they already reached the place they received two telephone numbers and they found a place nearby to park the car and they walked fast, but carefully to the place and she recognized the place, the bushes and she walked very carefully around the bushes in order not to fell into the well and she called her name and she shone with the lantern on the place and she found the well and heard her and shone into the well and she saw her and she was dirty and happy and asked for help to get out and she saw that she stood on a wide water pipe and there was space and even three, four iron steps and her husband shone with the lamp and she descended and she jumped on her and she took her up and her husband took her and she was saved without even one scratch, dusted and not understanding and not interested to drink, only home, home.

Sonia 23.8.2011