They went for their usual evening walk, she and that black one of her on four legs. It was towards the end of the day and in fact she really felt for a walk in the woods or on the beach (click here to continue reading)



Between hope and despair

I was fairly touched by this incidental two minute meeting with this young guy. He guards the university gate, is young, an Arab in the Jewish state, (click here to continue reading)

The judge
He was proud of his position and performance. In his younger years, it did not cross his mind that some day he would be judge. From a shy and withdrawn young man (click here to continue reading)


It was already years ago that the children had left. They were living on the other side of the ocean and thousands of kilometers and a lot of money (click here to continue reading)

Stubborn legs

His stubborn legs do not move like those of other nine year old little boys. His are crooked en not always is he able to tell (click here to continue reading)

Stilled life

Walking, talking, laughing, thinking

doing, being, meeting, marrying

children, busy, (click here to continue reading) 



    Being silent


kept silent




large spacious silence (click here to continue reading)

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