what do i like to do in my life

Each of my hobbies which are written below can on certain moments be the first 

one of my priorities.

i like:

* to read the paper and to be updated on what happens in Israel and in the world

* to read books (Yuval Noach Harrari, Irvin Yalom, Atul Gwande, Eugene Rogan)

* to hike, especially in the woods, with or without our dog

* to learn Arabic, the learning process is exciting

* to bike, mostly solo

* to be with my dear husband

* to be with my dear children, with each of them apart, or with them all together 

with their families

* to meet friends

* my relationship with my mother, my sisters, their partners and their children

* many qualitative and special other relationships

and at all, i like to make my life interesting, divers, and always challenging