logotherapy's principles

Victor Frankl (look in the internet or find the book: A man's search for meaning) 

based the logotherapy, and more deeply clarified the theory due to his inhuman 

experiences during the years he was imprisoned in concentration camps in the 

Second World War. According to logotherapy's principles, every person has 

meanings in her or his life, in every situation and under all circumstances - 

also in very harsh circumstances.

Frequently, people are not aware of the meanings in their lives.

In order to find meanings, the person has to understand that it is only her or 

him who is responsible to reach her or his meanings, and that on every given 

moment, s/he is free, without being dependent on anyone, but her or himself, 

to choose the things that she or he wants to chose.

So also in situations of suffering, also when we are not able to choose the 

circumstances we live in, or can change them.

People who live according to these principles feel that they are in control 

of what happens with them in their lives, they succeed to determine purposes

and achieve them, they feel that it is only dependent on them, and only on 

themselves, which quality they have in life.

I give many lectures on logotherapy in various and diverse forums, teach it's 

principles, and opened the new and unique psychotherapy with elderly people, with emphasize on logotherapystudy, which teaches logotherapy, and 

provides with a diploma at the University of Haifa, as well as from the Logotherapy Forums from Vienna and from Dallas.