profile -September 2017

Sonia E. Letzter-Pouw


A study in psychotherapy in the third age with the emphasize on logotherapy at the University of Haifa, which I initiated with some colleagues which started November 2016!!!

Complaining on thousands of things that are not wanted in life and accuse others 

on wrongs or injustice, is just a human characteristic. People are not aware that 

the key to a more quality in life is just in their own hands!!! And it is not so 

difficult to learn how to find this key!!!

The focus of my lectures and workshops is on assisting people to connect, each 

one to her or his own key.

I give lectures to professionals and the wide public on a rich variety of subjects, 

like: meaning in life as empowerment, taking initiative, efficient and obstructive 

communication patterns, feminist gerontology.

People tell me that participating in only one of my lectures already 

changes something positive in their perception in life.

To order a lecture or workshop: 054-6650714

In 2013 I quit my job in Elah organization, where I worked for many years with 

lot of pleasure. I wanted to give myself the opportunity to do things that make 

me really enthusiastic. Since then, I give more courses, lectures and workshops. 

Even more, I undertook a research project, based on logotherapy’s principles and 

feministic gerontology with groups of elderly women. In the course of eight 

meetings, the participants learn to connect to meanings in their lives, they feel 

more controle and more satisfaction in their lives and they show less 

psychological symptoms. The final results which will be received this summer 

(2016), will show if these changes will be preserved also half a year after group 


Meanwhile, the preliminary findings are promising.

I aspire to continue and expand my activities for empowering people.

At the University of Haifa, I give a course for psychological intervention in the 

third age, in the MA studies in gerontology for social workers and other