profile -July 2019

Sonia E. Pouw


Our three year study program in Integrative Psychotherapy with Elderly people at the University of Haifa, is officially recognized by the Multidisciplinary Israeli Association for Psychotherapy. A colleague (Prof. Yuval Palgi) and me initiated the program and direct it and this summer we completed our first cycle. 

We discuss deeply and try together with the students provide answers for existential questions (but not only) among the elderly we give therapy, like: why am I still living, I want to be dead, what is the meaning of my life after my husband died, how van I create a purposeful life after retirement, my daughter almost does not visit me, and many more. 

Our program makes ues of Logotherapy, Existential Therapy, Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, and Positive Psychology.

More information in Hebrew:

I give lectures to professionals and the wide public on a rich variety of subjects, 

like: meaning in life as empowerment, taking initiative, efficient and obstructive 

communication patterns, feminist gerontology.

People tell me that participating in only one of my lectures already 

changes something positive in their perception in life.

To order a lecture or workshop: 054-6650714